Los alumnos de Senior 6 y Senior 1 realizaron reflexiones al respecto relacionando los contenidos curriculares de History, Literature y Environmental Management. 

Senior 6

Los invitamos a hacer clik en el siguiente enlace para leer las palabras alusivas realizadas por los alumnos de Senior 6: DIA DEL RESPETO A LA DIVERSIDAD CULTURAL - Por senior 6

Les compartimos una presentación realizada colaborativamente por todos ellos en Literature, con el propósito de promover en nuestra comunidad educativa y en cada contexto social: el diálogo, la escucha, el respeto, la paciencia, la integridad y la paz:


Senior 1


In Environmental Management, we have learnt biodiversity is crucial for the maintenance of quality natural environments. If we destroy part of the environment, even the habitat of a small fly, the whole system might suffer from it. Plants and animals are interconnected in many ways, which can be represented by food chains and food webs, among others. 

But what about human diversity? When asked about what they think of when they hear “diversity”, many of the students picture animals and plants from different species. Others think of “people”, “different”, “variety”, “opportunity”. As natural environments are biodiverse and they (and we) profit from this, societies should be respectful of diversity, too.

October 12th marks the anniversary of the arrival of Europeans in our continent. This date, for many cultures, also represents the date in which their people began to suffer the negative consequences of their arrival. Let this new anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in America help us reflect on how much we lost during these past years by differentiating from native Americans, how much we gained from being close to them and what we should change in order to become socially respectful of cultural difference with the goal of becoming a truly culturally diverse society.

Agradecemos a los alumnos de Senior 6 y Senior 1 y a las profesoras Victoria Covernton, Virginia Blair y Aldana García Tarsia por compartir su trabajo.