Why we come to Nightingale School

S1 wrote about our school and their views now that they have started Secondary School. This essay is a good example which reflects how comfortable they feel.

Nightingale is a school located in San Isidro and it is a lovely school. To start with, we have a lot of subjects, for example, language, history and mathematics. There are fourteen subjects in Secondary School and most of them are very difficult. Secondly, the teachers are great people that are always with you in the good times and bad times. For example, if you don’t understand something, if you feel bad or you are just lonely or if you need the teacher to help you, you just have to ask and they will help. They will guide you while you are at school which is something you will never forget about this school.
While nearly everything is positive, there are some negative things such as not passing a subject or having a problem with a classmate.
In conclusion, Nightingale School has many positive things and few negative things that usually never happen anyway. In brief, right now there is no other place I would prefer to be.
Valentino Di Tomaso