A very happy Birthday Florence Nightingale School!

It seems long, quite long ago, when a dream materialized and became tangible. That moment when Marcela and Claudia Di Cocco enthusiastically launched their educational venture, a project that later on became a family enterprise as Marita, Connie and Florencia, their sisters, gradually joined in.

Yet that 21st of October, 1983 laid the foundation stone of the flourishing institution we are all part of, today, as a community. An institution that spreads over three premises and that keeps expanding both in size and impact.

Many events have taken place since that very day the dream of a whole family came true. Yet, the essence of what is valued and believed in; that passion for education that keeps the foundational dream alive remains. And what is  even more, it is renewed and re-signified as all community members continue envisioning education as a means to a better world.

Regalo a las hermanas Di Cocco  para la fiesta del 30° aniversario...

Marita Di Cocco y Marcela Di Cocco
 con las Directoras de Secundaria, Pilar Migone y Silvia Breiburd