Florence Nightingale


  • She was born on 12th May, 1820 (that is exactly 193 years ago), in Florence, Italy. That’s why she was called Florence.
  • She came from a wealthy background.
  •  She lived in Victorian times.
  • She studied nursing against her father’s will.
  • She was an innovator and broke away from all conventions of her time and class; she dreamed of neither a family nor children. 
  • She wanted to follow her vocation because she said that God wanted her to be a nurse.
  • She trained herself in Germany and started working soon.
  •  She worked as a nurse during the Crimean War; she was desperate about injured soldiers’ lack of proper medical care.
  • She was dubbed "The Lady with the Lamp" after her habit of making rounds at night to check on the recovery of her patients.
  • She was very tough to be able to carry out her plans in a male dominated society.
  •  In 1860 Florence wrote a book on nursing entitled “Notes on Nursing “.
  • She developed medical statistics and founded the St. Thomas Hospital in London with the “Nightingale Model”.
  • She helped American nurses by directing their training during the Secession war.
  •  She fought for women’s rights.
  • She died on August 13th, 1910.